2013 Season

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Into the offseason

And so completes another incredible, memorable college football season. We will head off into what promises to be a fascinating offseason of recruiting drama, likely scandal and perhaps a few more twists and turns of the coaching carousel. And then, when the first leaves begin to fall, we will begin again. We strong, indeed.

About that SI BCS headline

Clearly written in advance of the game. ‘Florida Statement’? We would have gone with ‘Florida Scintillating’ or ‘Florida Survival’ or even ‘Florida Sorta Hangs On,’ or whatever you might call one of the heaviest favorites ever pulling it out in the final 15 seconds.

The BCS ends tonight

And we are bemused by the drizzle of ‘The BCS was so great’ and ‘The BCS totally worked’ stories leaking out across the fruited plain. Only one way to explain all this: Stockholm Syndrome. In a TOTALLY unrelated story, this past weekend’s NFL playoff games weren’t too shabby.

When Baylor met Bortles

We’ve been unabashed fans of Art Briles and his Waco wizardry for quite some time. But last night another relatively unheralded but dynamic offensive attack stole the show, and now we get to wonder how Blake Bortles and his all-around game would fare on the next level.

Gus Malzahn to Browns?

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports say the Cleveland Browns are “very interested” in either Gus Malzahn or James Franklin, which would continue the SEC-ization of Ohio after the Urban Meyer renaissance in Columbus.

Happy trails, Johnny Football

As expected, Johnny Manziel will reportedly turn pro after Texas A&M’s bowl game vs. Duke. He was one of the most divisive college football players in recent memory, but we have a hunch that his unique brand of CFB entertainment, in all arenas, will be greatly missed.

Jimbo Fisher’s buyout

The Florida State coach has reportedly agreed to a new deal to remain in Tallahassee. And in a sign of the times, nobody thinks that’s an automatic dealbreaker for the Texas job.

On Texas and Oregon

SI’s Andy Staples analyzes last night’s Alamo Bowl farewell for Mack Brown, and illustrates the gap between these two programs and where they should be: ‘Oregon may have Nike and Phil Knight, but give the resources at Texas and the geographical advantage, the Ducks should never have the better program. At the moment, Oregon has [...]

Hey, remember the Texas job?

Well, it’s still vacant, just ripe for the taking after the departure of Mack Brown. Because we haven’t done this in a while, let’s crank up the list of names again: Jimbo Fisher, Art Briles, James Franklin, Charlie Strong. Also: SabanSabanSabanSabanSaban…

Ohio State best of BCS era?

Hahahahaha… wait, that might actually be true. ESPN’s Brian Bennett makes the case that the Buckeyes have enjoyed the most success in BCS games. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good, entertaining narrative, okay?